Episode 437 | "You Want It To Be One Way...”

Episode 437 | "You Want It To Be One Way...”

By The Joe Budden Network

The Joe Budden Podcast

Wednesday, 12 May

On this episode: Joe gets a happiness check on the team (7:10) and speaks to situations concerning the JBP (8:35). Parks & Joe recap their vacations (11:15), and Joe addresses his relationship with DJ Akademiks (19:45) as well as the elephant in the room (26:35). He recalls JBP beginnings including Marisa’s role (31:20), and how Rory came on board. Joe discusses opportunities outside of the podcast (1:01:55), smear campaigns against him (1:04:45), if things will ever be the same after accusations and a lack of chemistry (1:27:10), and what makes a bad podcast (1:31:15). J. Cole drops ‘i n t e r l u d e’ (2:05:35), a new DMX & Puff album (2:17:30), a 15yo involved in Pop Smoke’s murder (2:19:00), Drake breaking up happy homes (2:21:30), Logan & Jake Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather (2:30:00), and more.


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Sleeper Picks

Joe | Dee Gatti - “Caught Up” 


Parks | Stove God - “Dope” (Ft. French Montana)

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