507: Robert Cialdini | A New Look at the Science of Influence

507: Robert Cialdini | A New Look at the Science of Influence

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Thursday, 13 May

Robert Cialdini (@RobertCialdini) is widely regarded as the “Godfather of influence” for his groundbreaking work in ethical persuasion. An update of his bestseller that started it all, Influence, New and Expanded: The Psychology of Persuasion, is out now.

What We Discuss with Robert Cialdini: Cialdini’s Universal Principles of Influence that turn you into an unstoppable persuasion machine (and allow you to defend yourself against the unethical influence of others). Why it’s a bad idea to accept a gift or favor from someone we don’t like or trust, and how we can reject such a gift or favor gracefully. How to become more likable (without being a smarmy weirdo about it). Why social proof is powerful for positive and negative outcomes and how we can leverage this. The most ideal time to disclose a negative for maximum damage control. And much more...

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