E81: Is This The Secret To Curing Depression, Anxiety, & Addiction?: Dr Robin Carhart-Harris

E81: Is This The Secret To Curing Depression, Anxiety, & Addiction?: Dr Robin Carhart-Harris

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 17 May

Psychedelics, we all know of them, some of you may have even taken them, but do we really understand the full potential of them? My guest this week is Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, he has dedicated his life to researching and understanding them. He is a world leading psychologist and neuroscientist working on groundbreaking research exploring psychedelics and psychotherapy to treat depression, anxiety and addiction.  
Dr Robin’s research has already proven that 67% of patients who underwent psilocybin (compound found in magic mushrooms) treatment experienced remission of their ‘treatment-resistant’ depression at 1-week post-treatment. His findings shook up the field of mental health research and he is leading the exploration into this new grey area of psychedelics.
After being awarded an MA in Psychoanalysis at Brunel University, London, Carhart-Harris completed his PhD in psychopharmacology at the University of Bristol. Dr Robin has most recently secured a place in the Time Magazine Top 100 Next for his ground breaking research in the psychedelic space. 
The things Dr Robin knows are the things that in some point in the future society will accept as the norm to cure depression & anxiety to name a few. He is at the forefront of this space and hearing him today quite honestly blew my mind. 

Why are things changing How did you get into this space?  What is "the unconscious mind"? What do different compounds do  Dangers of psychedelics  If I'm fine and happy should I still do psychedelics? One particular bit of research that kept you going  Magic mushrooms for depression  Are mental health disorders increasing & why?  If your children were depressed what would you do?  Spirituality  Your partner  Is your work the most important thing in your life?  Where would you like to see the acceleration of the field? What is it that drives you?  What role does money play in your life? Psychedelic app  Most interesting thing that you’ve learnt about the human mind

Dr Robin:https://twitter.com/RCarhartHarris https://www.linkedin.com/in/carhart-harris-robin-19112542/

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