510: Rob Reid | Why the Future is a Good Kind of Scary

510: Rob Reid | Why the Future is a Good Kind of Scary

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Thursday, 20 May

Rob Reid (@Rob_Reid) is a tech entrepreneur, early-stage tech investor, author of After On: A Novel of Silicon Valley, and host of the After On Podcast.

What We Discuss with Rob Reid: While COVID-19 has been devastating on a global scale, it's comparatively benign when we consider how bad it could have been with a deadlier, more transmissible virus and a decimated infrastructure without access to basic necessities. What gain of function research is, and why it's so dangerous in a world where even the most secure laboratories can leak pathogens into the general population. The death toll inflicted by society's suicidal mass murderers is limited only by the weapons they have available -- whether they're guns, knives, airplanes, or synthetically manufactured superviruses created by soon-to-be commonplace genetic manipulation technology. The steps we can take as an international community to fend off the malevolent efforts of a few bad actors by creating an infrastructure that can detect and prevent the spread of any potential future pandemic. How DNA printers with the ability to create pandemic-defying vaccines on demand may become as common in the home as smoke alarms. And much more...

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