E81: Ben Fogle - Overcoming My Lifelong Battle With Self-doubt

E81: Ben Fogle - Overcoming My Lifelong Battle With Self-doubt

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 24 May

Ben Fogle, a TV presenter broadcaster and author who has reached the peak of Everest, trekked over Antarctica and rowed across the vast Atlantic ocean. A man that has faced adventure and put himself in the most high risk situations doesn’t usually pair with low confidence issues and fighting his own insecurity. 
Born in Westminster everyone perceives him with a life of privilege, comfort and a quintessential posh lifestyle. Failing at school and only just got through his university studies. Ben had determination for travel and exploring, he lived on a island self-sufficiently for year, presented and made numerous of well-known documentaries, written 9 Times Best selling books and is the United Nations Patron of the Wilderness. 
There is more to this man than I believed the conversation we had was so diverse we covered so much, going through Ben’s journey getting down the core of the man everyone see’s smiling in behind the lens. A chance for him to express in his words who he really is and the voyage of taking back control of his own narrative. 
This podcast is going to open your eyes to reality and surprise you in ways you did not expect. The demand we have for materialistic things, to be happy all the time and push ourselves and take those leaps make us question what is happy and how can we be more fulfilled.

Topics: Where does your thirst for challenge come from?  Overthinking & building confidence  conforming  I don't know if I'll ever find who I really am  Money value  Social media and Trolling  Wokness  Failure, self doubt and self belief Your wife, preventative marriage concealing  Anxiety and looking for happiness  What is your goal?  Are you scared of dying?  Have you got any regrets?  Advice for unconfident people 
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