58 - Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (with Plumbing the Death Star's Joel Zammit and Joel Duscher)

58 - Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (with Plumbing the Death Star's Joel Zammit and Joel Duscher)

By Do Go On Media

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was an American comedy film written and directed by Kevin Smith, the fifth in his View Askewniverse. Evan and I are joined by Kevin Smith fan man Joel Zammit and Kevin Smith hater boy Joel Duscher. Zammit and I loved it when it came out, Duscher and Evan hadn't seen it before this week. Filmed in a pre-9/11 world, how does the film hold up in the current day? Listen in to hear four soy boys' opinions!

We talk off topic for a while at the top, so if you are here for Jay and Silent Bob chat, it starts around 13 minutes in.

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