51 - Full House (with NAPSA's Erika Fleury)

51 - Full House (with NAPSA's Erika Fleury)

By Do Go On Media

Full House was an American sitcom from the 80s and 90s and in their fifth series they had an episode called 'Too Much Monkey Business' where Danny's zoologist sister Wendy, pays a visit with her pet chimpanzee. I am joined by special returning guest, Erika Fleury from NAPSA (the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance)! Erika also answers a bunch of listener questions about primates!

'NAPSA is a coalition of the leading primate sanctuaries in North America whose members care for over 800 nonhuman primates retired from laboratory research, the entertainment industry, and private ownership.' Erika is NAPSA’s Program Director and a pro-primatologist having studied undergrad and graduate level primatology courses.

In 2013 Erika published her book Monkey Business: A History of Nonhuman Primate Rights. Her work has been featured live on CNN and in the New York Times, National Geographic, The Washington Post, and other media outlets, and she has published a variety of work advocating for responsible primate retirement.

NAPSA online: primatesanctuaries.org

NAPSA's facebook: facebook.com/PrimateSanctuary

NAPSA's instagram: instagram.com/napsaprimates

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