Hardy's Women:  Two on a Tower

Hardy's Women: Two on a Tower

By BBC Radio 4

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Friday, 28 May

During 2021 on Radio 4, Hardy’s Women takes a fresh look at the novels of Thomas Hardy, through the eyes of some of his female protagonists. Two On A Tower Adapted by Anita Sullivan Viviette Constantine is isolated, trapped in a small village in England in the 1880’s. Her husband Sir Blount Constantine is brutal, but thankfully he has been away hunting lions for several years. Out walking one day, she meets Swithin, a beautiful kind young astronomer who shows her the stars, and when her husband is reported dead, finally their love can take its natural course. Hardy's scandalised his contemporary readers with this love story across age, class and legal barriers, settting "the emotional history of two infinitesimal lives against the stupendous background of the stellar universe." Tragically the stars, and their society are not aligned. CAST Lady Viviette Constantine - Olivia Poulet Swithin St Cleeve - Callum Scott Howells Louis Glanville - Tommy Sim’aan Tabitha Lark - Scarlett Courtney Bishop Helmsdale and Mr Cecil - Tony Turner Parson Torkingham - Keiron Self Haymoss and Sir Blount - Marc Danbury Mrs Martin and Mrs Poulter - Jane Slavin Directed by John Norton A BBC Cymru Wales production
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