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Dr Joshua Wolrich on Nutrition and Stigma

Dr Joshua Wolrich on Nutrition and Stigma

By Gemma Styles

Welcome back to Good Influence!

CW: This episode features discussion around food, weight stigma in medicine, dieting, mention of calories, disordered eating and other related topics. If you need support please click here for support resources from Beat.

This is the podcast where each week we'll meet a guest who’ll help us pay attention to something we should know about, but maybe don’t. 


This week, we're talking about nutrition and stigma: how weight stigma affects society and medicine, the origins and problems with using BMI to determine health, and what doctors might sometimes be missing about our relationships with food.


Dr Joshua Wolrich is an NHS doctor and the author of best selling book 'Food Isn't Medicine'. He dedicates a lot of his time online to debunking bogus claims about nutrition, or as he calls them nutri-bollocks, and helping people sort of fact from fiction when it comes to diet claims.


If you want to learn more, here's where to find Josh and his recommendations: 

Instagram: @drjoshuawolrich

Twitter: @drjoshuawolrich


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