Episode #62 "Unidentified Black Males"

Talking Sopranos

By Michael Imperioli, Steve Schirripa

Episode #62 "Unidentified Black Males"

Monday, 31 May

     Celebrity Superfan Alec Baldwin joins Michael and Steve this week on Talking Sopranos. Steve and Michael have always said no one comes on the podcast unless they were directly involved in the making of the Sopranos. Well we’re going to break that rule for Alec, and we’re going to break it again with the Talking Sopranos Superfan Contest! 

     In order to thank our fans for voting for us for the Webbys, Michael and Steve are going to invite a few lucky fans to join them on the podcast. Just go to the Talking Sopranos website and click the Superfan Contest link to enter. Tell us a little about yourself and why we should have you come on the podcast. We’ll pick a few lucky fans to join a future episode. 


     Then before getting into this week’s episode, Michael and Steve try to rank Sopranos characters by wealth….Tony? Johnny? Who do you think has the most scratch? After that Michael and Steve break down this week’s episode, S5 – Ep9 “Unidentified Black Males”. 

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