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515: James Jani | Repelling the Law of Attraction Myth

515: James Jani | Repelling the Law of Attraction Myth

By Jordan Harbinger

James Jani (@jamesvjani) is a YouTuber who makes documentary-style videos about money, business, and life, including The Law of Attraction: Fact or Fiction? and The Dark World of New Age Gurus.

What We Discuss with James Jani: Why "hustle culture" is a bankrupt paradigm that makes it easy for fake gurus to prey upon society's very young and very desperate. Why the so-called Law of Attraction that tells you you only have to think positive thoughts to "manifest" the good things you want out of life is bunk. How studying philosophy exercises your grey matter and sharpens your critical thinking skills (so you can better resist nonsense like the Law of Attraction). Why the Just World Fallacy that explains away suffering as a deserved consequence of wrongdoing is just a dangerously convenient way for people to bypass empathy for the world's unlucky have-nots. How we can use street epistemology to help people question their unfounded beliefs. And much more...

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