My Ectopic Pregnancy Story

My Ectopic Pregnancy Story

By Nova Podcasts

In 2016 Charlotte started having the worst cramps she'd ever had. In 48 hours she'd been rushed to emergency, was told she was pregnant, that the pregnancy however was ectopic and she'd need to be rushed into surgery to save her life. On top of all of that the person who she thought she could rely on was anything but supportive.

In her own words Charlotte recounts the day that changed her life.


Charlotte Crosby @charlottegshore Nova Podcasts Instagram @novapodcastsofficial
Ectopic Pregnancy Trust UK Miscarriage Association UK Royal Womens Hospital Aus

Host: Charlotte Crosby
Managing Producer: Andrew Brentnall
Executive Producer & Editor: Elise Cooper
Senior Producer & Editor: Rachael Hart

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