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Episode 13 - How much did our IVF cost?

Episode 13 - How much did our IVF cost?

By Tristan Hall and Miranda Burns

The one you've been waiting for... this is our MOST REQUESTED topic, and one we've been slightly unsure about doing, but nothing is off the table and we're being completely honest!

Find out how much every part of IVF (ICSI) has cost us, from the first consultation all the way up to embryo freezing. We also give you handy real world comparisons to show just how much it costs! Hear our in depth analysis of hotel breakfast strategies.

Obviously this is our experience of ICSI and all clinics will be slightly different. We also had a lot of the pre-treatment tests and appointments twice (cos COVID) so our costs are slightly higher anyway. FINALLY... we are so unbelievably lucky to have had help from family as well as our own savings, and so so lucky to have been successful first time. If you have ANY questions, please do reach out to us!

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