Episode 9 - Embryo Transfer and Grading

Episode 9 - Embryo Transfer and Grading

By Tristan Hall and Miranda Burns

Test Tube Baby

Monday, 12 April


3 weeks,

17 injections,

4 scans,

2 procedures,

6 nurses,

5 embryologists,

13 antral folicles,

4 eggs,

2 sperm samples produced,

4 fertilised,

4 blastocysts,

2 frozen,


This week, we talk through exactly what went down during Embryo Transfer, as well as how our Embryos were graded on Day 5. We also look at some of the statistics around success rates and even how different grades can affect gender...

Of course, we had the mandatory McDonalds chips to round off what was potentially the most important day of our lives.

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