Episode 1 - Dodgy Sperm and Blocked Tubes

Test Tube Baby

By Tristan Hall and Miranda Burns

Episode 1 - Dodgy Sperm and Blocked Tubes

Saturday, 27 February

Welcome to the first ever episode of Test Tube Baby!

Let's start at the beginning - why are we having IVF? At just 22 and 25 we were declared "medically infertile", and in this episode, we explain why. We're sure you can appreciate, it's not something you really want to hear 6 months into a relationship, but here we are a whole year later, FINALLY starting IVF.

Today we'll cover a bit about our diagnosis, how the IVF process works and Tristan's first experience doing a sperm test. We also discuss how planning for the future is playing a huge part in decisions we're making during this process, even as a couple in our 20s.

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