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The Beano

The Beano

By Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery

And now for something totally Beano…

For this episode, Tom takes Morgan back to his childhood for a look back at his favourite comic book, the British institution that is… The Beano!

So grab your pea shooters, catapults and your Dennis the Menace fan club membership card, and let’s discover nearly 100 years of cheeky cartoon brilliance.

We drunkenly natter about:

The Beano-Dandy feud that wasn’tHow Morgan’s PE teacher Mr Stern looked just like Desperate DanThe Beano’s Ostrich and Bear mascots before DennisWhat Beano actually meansTom’s lamenting that pea shooters have disappearedThe great Bash Street Kids scandal of 1994The fascinating coincidence of the two Dennis the Menace cartoonsDennis’s dad time jumpThe awesome Dennis TV theme tune from a genuine rock star

Clips used:

The Beano’s Dennis the Menace and Gnasher Show (BBC)Dennis and Gnasher (1996) (BBC)Dennis the Menace (1993) (Warner Bros)Dennis and Gnasher (2009) (BBC)Walsh and Barker (British Pathe)Mr Blobby (BBC)
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