Jedidiah Jenkins

Jedidiah Jenkins

By Fearne Cotton

Happy Place

Monday, 7 June

Radical vulnerability is something New York Times bestselling author Jedidiah Jenkins does his best to practice with those around him. As he entered his 30s, he travelled from Oregon to Patagonia by bicycle, and the journey turned out to be just as much emotional as it was physical. One of the things he learnt is that vulnerability breeds vulnerability, that once you share your truth, others will feel safe to share their true selves with you too, and that can only be a good thing. 

In this chat, Fearne and Jedidiah explore their own experiences of using disembodying as a coping mechanism during difficult or painful moments in life, as well as what they each believe the soul really is.

Both of Jedidiah’s life-changing books, To Shake The Sleeping Self and Like Streams To The Ocean, are available now.

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