143 Caroline Newte Hardie Isn't In Kansas Anymore

143 Caroline Newte Hardie Isn't In Kansas Anymore

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 9 June

The gang are here again and delighted to be joined by the wonderful entrepreneur and first-class detective, Caroline Newte Hardie who brings with her more than one tale of woe of public transport shenanigans - one of them (almost ) directly connected to Taylor, Catie, and Hannah .... but what can it be? 

We then hear about a case that sounds similar to how politicians seem to be behaving today and get a very meditative Patreon shout-out courtesy of Taylor

(get your own shout-out by heading to patreon.com/drunkwomensolvingcrime). 

And as always, the team solve a crime sent in from a listener and the verdict this week is pretty unanimous! 

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