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The Skinner Brothers - Zac Skinner

The Skinner Brothers - Zac Skinner

By Gary Jarvie

Zac Skinner is the frontman and songwriter from the hotly-tipped UK band, The Skinner Brothers.  

We had a really open and honest conversation about the realities of trying to forge out a career in music and that it isn’t always like you read in the books.  The journey makes for some very funny stories, especially as Zac was trying to put the band together in a new city, with limited contacts and an aversion to technology that included no mobile phone. 

Thankfully Zac started embracing the technology, and in a short period of time the band has created an impressive catalogue of tunes blending genres and style.

Zac talks about how the sound of the band has evolved to what you hear on the huge new EP Iconic - undoubtedly one of my favourite releases last year - and how the band have been busy fine tuning the live set for up and coming sold out shows at the legendary 100 Club, as well as support slots with The Music and The Streets.

Zac has an interesting take on live music and a few of his answers may surprise you but again are honest and straight from the heart. 

The Skinner Brothers released their latest EP called ‘Iconic’ in May 2021 that includes the huge title hit ‘Iconic’, check out the official video here.  

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