Lucy Werner

Lucy Werner

By Adrienne Herbert

Power Hour

Wednesday, 16 June

Lucy Werner is a PR expert, founder, author and teacher. She set up her business in 2015 because she was completely disillusioned by how traditional agencies weren’t servicing the independents in the way they needed. Today, The Wern is a PR & design shop for startups, entrepreneurs and independent brands. The business is split across products, events, courses, coaching and an affordable agency. Today she joins Adrienne for a masterclass in PR and branding. Notepads at the ready! You can find Lucy on Instagram.

The Power Hour podcast gets to know other people’s processes to greatness. Join Adrienne as she invites guest speakers from coaches, creatives and innovators to discuss their daily habits and the key to achieving personal success and well-being.


Whether you want to build a business, write a book or run a marathon, the Power Hour is going to help you get there faster!


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