The Hitman

The Hitman

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In this episode, David and Emilia talk about the Hitman.

What would motivate someone to accept a contract to kill for just a few hundred pounds?

How do hitman get away with the crime?

And what does it take to become a target?

They discuss the famously unsolved murder in Nairn, Scotland, with presenter of The Doorstep Murder podcast, Fiona Walker. What really happened on the 28th November 2004. How is it possible that a hitman could shoot a man three times in the head on his own doorstep and not leave any evidence? Why can't the police find any leads? And why are people's accounts of the day so contradictory?

And they are joined by investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre, presenter of the documentary "A Very British Gangster" which follows the story of Manchester gangsters 'The Noonans', and ends up with Donal facing a hitman who has been offered a contract to kill him and his assistant producer.

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