145 Rachel Creeger & The Boo Box

145 Rachel Creeger & The Boo Box

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 23 June

The Drunk Women are here again and joining them this week is writer and podcaster, Rachel Creeger!

Rachel starts things off with a story of fraudulent doings, which were perpetrated by a criminal so inept, they didn't even bother with a cursory google!

We then have a smorgasbord of true crime delicacies served up by Hannah, including a tale of workhouse woe, a lesson in piracy protocol and finally, find out how to pronounce depot. 

We also get a visit to a spoken word club in this week's patron shout outs and finally, the team helps a listener get to the bottom of a mucky misdemeanor. 

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