S4 Ep7: Jimmy Fratianno (Part 2)

S4 Ep7: Jimmy Fratianno (Part 2)

By Audioboom Studios


Wednesday, 23 June

Jimmy Fratianno had gained notoriety within the LA crime family as someone who was trustworthy, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. But as the landscape of the LA crime family changed, so did Fratianno's status. When LA crime boss Dominic Brooklier was sent to prison, Fratianno was approached about returning to LA and serving as co-acting boss. Acceptancing this offer would lead to a fallout resulting in Fratianno cutting ties with the LA crime family and putting his life at risk.

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Special thanks to Gary Jenkins, Dennis McDonald, and Ray Tracy.

Mafia's theme is "Spellbound Hell" by Damiano Baldoni. Music featured in this episode: "Misery" and "Life" by Damiano Baldoni; "Scenery," "Visum,"
"Difference," "Snowfall," "January," and "Dark Alley" by Kai Engel; "Go Down Moses Reprise" by Dee Yan-Key; "Smoke" by Rafael Archangel; "Fog" and “Lucerna” by Sergey Cheremisinov; "Covert Affair" and "Unanswered Questions" by Kevin MacLeod.

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