HEADSPACE - Episode 84

Film Pro Productivity & Success: A Filmmaking Podcast

By Carter Ferguson

HEADSPACE - Episode 84

Sunday, 27 June

This episode encapsulates both an update on what I've been doing this last few months and an in-depth look at headspace and why having a clear head is important. there are lessons to be learned here, so have a listen!

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“When things are going awry, it's time to put the blinders on and do your job. Just do your job. Don't worry about the other guy, don't worry about the wins and losses, just worry about what the very next play is.” John Riggins

“Every problem offers an opportunity for a solution; if you are in the right frame of mind to find it.” Michael Arndt

"Your karma should be good, and everything else will follow. Your good karma will always win over your bad luck." Rohit Shetty

“Any time you allow someone to have a negative influence over the way you think, feel, or behave, you give them power over you.” Unknown

“The chief task in life is simply this: to identify and separate matters so that I can say clearly to myself which are externals not under my control, and which have to do with the choices I actually control. Where then do I look for good and evil? Not to uncontrollable externals, but within myself to the choices that are my own…” Epictetus

"The biggest task in the morning is to try to keep my headspace from being invaded by the outside world." Austin Kleon

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured." Mark Twain




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