146 Isy Suttie and The Culture War By Proxy

146 Isy Suttie and The Culture War By Proxy

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 30 June

The Drunk Women welcome another note-taker to the force this week in the form of writer, comedian, and actor, Isy Suttie! 

Isy starts things off with a harrowing tale, which only goes to prove that you can't even trust a virgin - something Madonna should have warned us of in that song. 

The team then put their heads together to crack a case that throws up subjects from HG Wells NOT being the inventor of science fiction and if Woody Woodpecker was ever President of the United States. 

This week's listener crime is a whodunnit, which has an epic cast of suspects and in this week's Patreon shout-outs, Taylor rectifies a crime perpetrated against our very own members, to cinematic effect. 

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