Casefile Presents: The Invisible Hand

Casefile Presents: The Invisible Hand

By Casefile Presents

Casefile True Crime

Wednesday, 30 June

When the acclaimed Silent Waves podcast was released on our Casefile Presents network in 2019, I knew that the show’s co-creator and producer Georgina Savage must have another story she needed to tell.  That’s when Georgina told me about The Invisible Hand, an ambitious and somewhat dangerous pitch for a podcast.  

The podcast series would involve travel to South Africa and Mozambique, hiring a local fixer to ensure the safety of those involved - to tell a story that goes beyond the popular headlines - to document it from a never before heard angle.
And so The Invisible Hand came to fruition. Join Georgina Savage as she returns to her birth country of South Africa, where her cousin’s family live deep in the bush of the Kruger National Park - fighting on the front lines of a conservation war against rhino poaching.  
Go behind the headlines with Georgina as she is given unique access and immerses herself in the lives of individuals connected to the illegal trade, including the men who poach rhinos, in an attempt to understand the personal circumstances of those entangled in a crisis.
Stay tuned to hear the show’s trailer. And while you’re listening, be sure to search for The Invisible Hand wherever you get your podcasts and hit the follow button. You can also listen on the website
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