S4 E6 - The Man With The Golden Bum (with Bolu Babalola and Shannon)

S4 E6 - The Man With The Golden Bum (with Bolu Babalola and Shannon)


Love Island: The Morning After

Monday, 5 July

He's coming home! (but we don't know who because there was a cruel cliffhanger)

Queen of the Twitter TL Bolu Babalola is here this morning to discuss everything that went down on Rachel's first day in the villa. She had a fun day, didn't she?

AND Shannon is here to give us the downlow on her short-but-sweet time in the villa. Never before has someone managed to be so iconic in just 48 hours.

So - who's Rachel going to choose? Brad told Rachel she was his type, but she said that she thought Chuggs might be more trustworthy. Poor thing, having two fit boys graft their wee socks off for her, really feeling for her today.

Weirdly, halfway through the show last night we got a preview of the new Bond film! Oh, wait... was that the challenge? RIGHT, makes more sense. Those tuxedo thongs didn't really seem practical for international espionage.

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So, the gunge gets everywhere? Even in your belly button?! Ah, it's okay - Arielle has a good technique for cleaning them out.
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