The best things to do this summer around Birmingham

Brummie Mummies

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The best things to do this summer around Birmingham

Tuesday, 6 July

In this special episode of the Brummie Mummies podcast we’ll be sharing all the brilliant things to do in and around Birmingham this summer.

This summer will hopefully offer a first chance to do lots of things that many of us haven’t been able to do for a long time.

Unlike previous summers where we’ve been able to get up in the morning, see what the weather’s doing and where our mood’s might take us, we do need to do a little more forward planning this time, as most places require pre-booking. So we’ve put together this guide to help you plan your holidays!

Join host Zoe Chamberlain and show producer Matt Millard as they run through all the best family friendly things to do this summer around the Midlands.

We’ll also be finding out about a massive free activity programme happening across Birmingham, as we chat to programme director Jenny Carter all about how to get involved.

The Brummie Mummies podcast is a Laudable production brought to you by Brummie Mummies and Birmingham Live.

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