S4 E7 - No Skidders (with Nick Grimshaw)

S4 E7 - No Skidders (with Nick Grimshaw)


Love Island: The Morning After

Tuesday, 6 July

Can we have a moment for whoever is doing the laundry in the villa? Nobody needs to be seeing Jake's skidders :(

Okay, so basically the whole villa is in chaos. Luckily, Nick Grimshaw is here for The Morning After debrief with Arielle and Kem!

How did we go from being so loved up to basically being ick-city? Liam and Faye disagreed over cats, Toby hasn't been cuddling Kaz, Liberty is worried that she hasn't been giving the other boys enough of a chance, Rachel's crying over Brad AND Aaron doesn't like Sharon's future car choice. Are we getting to a point where Hoey are the villa's power couple?!

Tonight - we're going to see what happened to make Hugo cry and there are two new girls heading into the villa! Chaos. Absolute chaos.

It's that time of the week where Kem and Arielle turn into the Turkish Hitch and the Scottish Paddy Mcguiness - it's Crush Club! If you want us to ask out your crush, you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com (and while you're there, send us your dilemmas and Liv will solve them for you!)

Now, whatever you do... don't google 'Kem Cetinay gold trunks' #budgiesmugglers
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