147 Sajeela Kershi & The Acid Test

147 Sajeela Kershi & The Acid Test

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 7 July

Welcome to another episode of Drunk Women Solving Crime, where this week comedian Sajeela Kershi recounts just a run-of-the-mill crime that she found herself caught up in, it's hardly a story .... JOKING!! Sajeela's story is the absolute epitome of drama! It's the stuff of films and we are SO lucky to have her on the show to share it with us. 

Once you've caught your breath from that, we then hear about a story that is the acid test of our detective's abilities. 

We then hear from a listener who needs some clarification of a mugger's intentions. 

This episode was released during the Euro Championships on the day England face Denmark in the semis (f'nar) and so Taylor decided that this week's Patreon shout-outs should reflect some sports-ball fever. To get a shout out of your own, extra content, and videos, head to patreon.com/drunkwomensolvingcrime. 

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