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Episode 3: Jan Christian Vestre

Episode 3: Jan Christian Vestre

By Auddy

A Place For All

WHO: Third-generation furniture maker, Jan Christian Vestre, is rethinking the way cities are
built. His family company, Vestre, manufactures urban furniture and aims to create public
spaces that encourage human interaction. Sustainability lies at the heart of production, and
Vestre is committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It is one of the most
successful companies of its kind in Europe.

DECISION: Vestre was approached by London Council with a lucrative contract to design
urban furniture throughout the city, however there was one catch. Vestre was asked to
include elements of hostile design within the plans. Vestre faced a quandary, to uphold the
company’s guiding principle of inclusivity and turn down a quarter of a million pounds or
compromise his morals.

This Podcast is brought to you by Radio Wolfgang for Auddy

It was presented by Owen Bennett Jones and it featured Jan Christian Vestre

It was produced by John Jo Devlin and Eli Block and the Executive Producer was Ellie DiMartino

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