S4 E10 - I Had Two Bananas Down There (with Sonny Jay and Steff Todd)

S4 E10 - I Had Two Bananas Down There (with Sonny Jay and Steff Todd)


Love Island: The Morning After

Friday, 9 July

Oh, so NOW it's okay to want to sleep with a Teddy in your bed?!

Oops... Arielle might have jinxed it yesterday - that villa is turning into a bit of a heartbreak hotel.

We're so glad Sonny Jay is here this morning to cheer us all up... guys, can't we go back to last week when everyone was all loved up?

Let's catch you up: Brad and Lucinda are cracking on, Rachel is sad her herself but happy for them, Toby's head has been thoroughly turned in Chloe's direction leaving Kaz out on her own, Jiberty had a bit of a wobble when Millie came in but it looks like things will be okay and no-one picked Hugo in the challenge :(

BUT don't worry because there's a fit boy about to go into that villa... HELLO TEDDY! Make sure you're watching tonight so see how he shakes things up.

And of course, it's Friday morning so Steff Todd is here! Kem has been working on an impression. He's *almost* there with it...

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Still can't believe they showed Brad's Wee Willie Winkie on telly!!
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