S4 E11 - 100% Pure Welsh Meat (with Yinka Bokinni and Sideman)

S4 E11 - 100% Pure Welsh Meat (with Yinka Bokinni and Sideman)


Love Island: The Morning After

Saturday, 10 July

Do you think Millie isn't wearing any knickers so she can avoid skidders?

Yinka Bokinni has got up specially on a Saturday morning to debrief last night's episode with us - and we're glad she's here because a lot went down.

The Naughty Trio (aka Lucinda, Chloe and Millie) have been mixing things up in the villa... we had awkward chats, sexy chats and quite a few snogs last night. It's all shaping up to be a veeeeery interesting recoupling - and that's before we even consider the fact that TEDDY is coming into the villa. Is it hot in here?!

We've seen some SERIOUS grafting this week - everything from oat milk to bed making, so Sideman is here to help us crown this week's Top Grafter in the JD Graft Off. Arielle won last week, so can Kem come in this week with an equaliser?

We will be back on Monday morning - but if you're missing us until then, you can get in touch with us using themorningafter@itv.com if you have a crush that you want us to ask out on our Crush Club, or if you have a problem that needs solving by the wonderful Liv Attwood.

Mad respect to Chloe for bringing back 'cool beans'.
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