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Ben Hurst on Toxic Masculinity

Ben Hurst on Toxic Masculinity

By Gemma Styles

Welcome back to Good Influence!

This is the podcast where each week we'll meet a guest who’ll help us pay attention to something we should know about, but maybe don’t. 


This week, we're talking about toxic masculinity; where we learn our ideas about gender roles, how patriarchal ideas harm people of all genders, and why actually maybe the term 'toxic masculinity' isn't always the right one.

Ben Hurst, as an activist, model, podcaster and public speaker. He's the head of facilitation and training for Beyond Equality, an organisation which works with men and boys to explore and interrogate their thinking around gender equality, masculinity and inclusive communities. 

If you want to learn more, here's where to find Ben and his recommendations: 

Instagram: @therealbenhurst

Twitter: @TheRealBenHurst


Something to read: Laura Bates' 'Men Who Hate Women' / JJ Bola's 'Mask Off'

Something to watch: TED Talks Tony Porter - A call to men & Jackson Katz - Violence against women- it's a men's issue

Something to listen to: The Mask You Live In / The Twilight Zone - Not All Men


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