S4 E13 - Hopeless Romant (with Josh Smith)

S4 E13 - Hopeless Romant (with Josh Smith)


Love Island: The Morning After

Tuesday, 13 July

Can someone please tell Toby that a butter knife is not the most efficient tool for cutting a melon?

Gorgeous Josh Smith joins Kem and Arielle on the podcast this morning to discuss last night's DISGOUSTANG episode.

We were really sad to see Rachel leave the villa last night, but we had a juicy recoupling and we finally have quite a loved up villa... although there are still a few people in there who are participating in Friend Island.

Roast dinners are officially cancelled after last night. We are not in the least bit surprised that Jake enjoyed that challenge so much... and sorry, we are going to talk about it in some detail. The gravy :(((((

It's Tuesday - so we going be coupling you up this morning in our Crush Club! We really love playing cupid for you guys. Tomorrow, Liv Attwood's going to be here solving all your dilemmas - it could be friendships, love, work or maybe you can’t decide what to have for dinner... whatever it is, email us on themorningafter@itv.com.

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