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Episode 9: The Second Test

Episode 9: The Second Test

By Auddy

Description: The Great Gibbs Collision and Celebratory Duvets.

Details: A week later, in Durban, after Greenwood's near-death experience in midweek, the Lions know Springbok retaliation is on the cards. Three tries to zero; this was a home banker. Wasn't it? It came down to the final minutes... Featuring Jeremy Guscott, Scott Gibbs and Neil Jenkins.

Presented and researched by Alastair Eykyn.
Written by Jonathan Overend.
Produced by Danny Garlick and Mark Sharman.
Additional voices by Kenny Blyth.
Original music and sound design by Lee Sparey.
Executive Producer: Liam Thompson.
Executive Editor for NinetyFour19: Jonathan Overend.

A NinetyFour19 Podcast for Auddy
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