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S4 E18 - Tingle In Your Mingle (with Stephanie Yeboah and Brad)

S4 E18 - Tingle In Your Mingle (with Stephanie Yeboah and Brad)


If this was Lucinda's driving test - she would have instantly failed. It's really not safe to swerve like that.

That was a bit of a kinky, oh sorry - QUIRKY episode. We're starting the week off with a bang - Stephanie Yeboah is on the podcast this morning!

We finally saw the result of the recoupling that we all spent the weekend agonising over... and we had to say goodbye to one of our OG girls - Sharon has left the villa. There were a lot of tears during (and after) that recoupling. Safe to say, she's going to be missed!

Dig into your pencil case and dust off your protractor because there's a love triangle in the villa! Lucinda has two boys fighting over her. Who's it going to be - Laaron or Ducinda? Meanwhile, AJ is sticking it onto Hugo - but is he in to it?

AND if that's not enough of a treat - Brad is here this morning too (and what a morning to chat to him too - eek!) Obviously he's gutted about leaving the villa, but he fills us in on how he's feeling about the whole *situation*.

Tomorrow morning we'll be putting on our cupid wings to get you coupled up in real life in our Crush Club! If you want to get involved - you can email us on

Why is no-one talking about the new bombshell in the villa? That cat is really going to ruffle some feathers in there.
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