S4 E19 - Yeaaaaaaaahhh (with AJ Odudu and Rachel)

S4 E19 - Yeaaaaaaaahhh (with AJ Odudu and Rachel)


Love Island: The Morning After

Tuesday, 20 July

Last night we had as many snogs as a game of spin the bottle, enough weddings to fill a Pinterest board, and more pies than a branch of Greggs.

AJ Odudu is here this morning to chat with Kem and Arielle to see how they *gauge* what went on in last night's episode.

Well, that love triangle lasted literally one day - Laaron is on! But Danny has set his eyes on the red Ferrari, oh sorry - AJ. Where will that leave man like Hugo!?

We all voted for our favourite boy and our favourite girl on the Love Island app last night - and we will find out the result of the vote in tonight's episode...

And gorgeous Rachel is here to have a big ol' catch up about her time in the villa and how she's feeling now she has been dumped. Are there any feelings still there for Brad? What does she think about Danny? Which girls does she miss the most? Well, you'll have to listen to find out, mate.

If you want to get involved in next week's Crush Club, or if you have a dilemma that you need Liv Attwood to solve, you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com. You can also tweet us (if you're that way inclined) using #LoveIslandPodcast.

Right... off to watch some Western movies. Wait... what do you mean they're not all like Chloe and Toby's trip to the hideaway? Ok... maybe not then.
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