S4 E20 - I Feel Like I'm From The Future (with Elz The Witch and Olivia Attwood)

S4 E20 - I Feel Like I'm From The Future (with Elz The Witch and Olivia Attwood)


Love Island: The Morning After

Wednesday, 21 July

It would have been *way* more romantic if Teddy had given Faye a backie on that cycling date...

Popping her The Morning After cherry today is Elz The Witch! She's here for all the drama and none of the snogs.

We're going to be saying goodbye to another two Islanders tonight! But it won't be quiet in the villa for too long, because three new Islanders are heading into the villa. SOMEONE GET THOSE BEDSHEETS IN THE WASHING MACHINE PRONTO!

The dust around Toby and Kaz's beef has been well and truly unsettled - it's all been squashed now but some cages were very much rattled. It's all been solved now (after Toby tried approximately 50 times to pull Kaz for a chat) - as Kem would say, always apologise!

Some of our Islanders have been getting busy playing football (or have they been at college earning some qualifications?) - either way, it's nice to see everyone getting to know each other so well.

It's Wednesday morning so Liv Attwood is here to solve all your dilemmas. Today's advice is TOP NOTCH - so if you want to get some of your own, you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com.

We all got well into the 70s vibe by the end of that episode, but they didn't have podcasts or Love Island back then - so actually, let's stick with 2021.
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