S4 E21 - You’ll Always Be The Tallest In My Eyes (with Lucie and Luke M)

S4 E21 - You’ll Always Be The Tallest In My Eyes (with Lucie and Luke M)


Does anyone have a number for a reliable engineer in Majorca? There are so many Islanders coming and going, apparently they are considering installing a revolving door out the front.

It's Throwback Thursday, so Lucie and Luke M are here to help us debrief last night's episode and also we have a lil reminisce about their time in the villa(s)! They are SO loved up and we are so here for it.

So last night, we said adiós to AJ and Danny. Their times in the villa were short - but it is what it is! Maybe they'll have another sneaky snog on the plane home?

It was a busy day because we also said hola to three new islanders: Abi (our mega fit tattoo artist with size 3 feet), Tyler (the 6 foot 5 hunk) and Georgia (a gorgeous Essex babe) OOOHHHH this is going to be fun.

In the preview for tonight's episode we saw Toby and Chloe having a barney - but it's not all doom and gloom because there might be a snog on the horizon for Kaz! YES GIRL!

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Right, time for some pillow talk: feather pillows are the best option if you are a back or side sleeper. They provide support without losing their shap- oh, what do you mean not that kind of pillow talk?!
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