S03 EP4: Ellie Taylor (The Return)

S03 EP4: Ellie Taylor (The Return)

By Keep It Light Media

Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe's Parenting Hell

Friday, 23 July

S03 EP4: Ellie Taylor (The Return)

Joining us in the studio this episode to discuss the highs and lows of parenting (and life) is the brilliant comedian, actor, presenter and writer - Ellie Taylor.

Since her last appearance on the show Ellie has upped and left London for what she describes as 'the suburbs'....we're not convinced. If you've got deer in your garden and a badger problem, that's got to be the countryside, surely?!

Ellie's fantastic new book 'My Child and Other Mistakes: How to ruin your life in the best way possible' is available now wherever you buy your books. We can't recommend it highly enough.

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Thanks - Rob and Josh

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