S4 E23 - Two Faced Mugs (with Luke Franks, Yasser, Sideman and Sharon)

S4 E23 - Two Faced Mugs (with Luke Franks, Yasser, Sideman and Sharon)


Love Island: The Morning After

Saturday, 24 July

We accidentally changed the channel and caught the end of A Place In The Sun at the end of last night's episode, looked like they were showing a really lovely villa. Would be a great place to send a bunch of fitties...

An episode of two halves - it was all a bit tense to begin with, but we ended all the week all loved up... JIBERTY IS OFFICIAL!

Luke's back in with Arielle this morning (maybe Kem's having an extra day off because he's so annoyed about the whole friendship bracelet thing?) and they are joined by Yasser to talk about last night's episode!

Sharon pops in for a good old catch up about her time in the villa, and we get all the inside goss about what she really thinks is going on in the whole Hugo-Toby-Chloe situation...

AND as it's the end of the week - Sideman is here for the JD Graft-Off! Luke's playing for Kem today, so the pressure is well and truly ON.

We'll be back on Monday morning... so in the meantime keep tweeting us using #LoveIslandPodcast and email us on themorningafter@itv.com if you have a crush that you want us to shout out in Crush Club or if you have a life dilemma that you need Liv Attwood to solve in Liv Island.

Anyone else kinda disappointed that Jake and Lib didn't eat the spag bol like they do in Lady and The Tramp? Opportunity missed, tbh.
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