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Caroline Hirons on Skin

Caroline Hirons on Skin

By Gemma Styles

Welcome back to Good Influence!

This is the podcast where each week we'll meet a guest who’ll help us pay attention to something we should know about, but maybe don’t. 


This week, we're talking about skin; why recommendations are not 'one size fits all', who we should be getting our information from, and some insider knowledge that could help you navigate skincare marketing.

Caroline Hirons is a legend in the beauty industry, a globally qualified advanced esthetician. She's trained in over 100 different brands and has also written a book titled 'Skincare: The Ultimate No Nonsense Guide', giving clear, science backed information to help us all understand our own varied needs. With all this training and knowledge, Caroline is not afraid to point out misleading or fear mongering news stories or marketing, letting us know what's skin science and what skin nonsense. 

If you want to learn more, here's where to find Caroline and her recommendations: 

Instagram: @carolinehirons

Twitter: @CarolineHirons



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