S4 E26 - Kissing Millie With An L (with Honey Ross and Olivia Attwood)

S4 E26 - Kissing Millie With An L (with Honey Ross and Olivia Attwood)


Love Island: The Morning After

Wednesday, 28 July

Maybe it's NOT a postcard and it's just a leaflet for an mega cheap tapas place?

Honey Ross is here this morning with Arielle and Kem - and we're so glad she's here today, because we NEED her help in unwrapping day two of Casa Amor... look we knew it was going to inject the drama... BUT NOT THIS MUCH ALREADY!

The Raunchy Race should really be rebranded as the Prang Parade because there is nothing quite like that game to get our Islanders feeling paranoid about what their partners are doing in the other villa. We all know there was some serious snogging - but did you see them all jump into the pool wearing their trainers? No running by the poolside guys!!!

The sleeping arrangements in the main Villa were pretty simple - none of the OG girls stayed in the bedroom with the new boys. Meanwhile, in Casa Amor... there were... cuddles. That was only night one, what's going to happen if that brand new hideaway is open?

Liv Attwood is here to solve your life dilemmas in Liv Island - and while she's here we have a little reminisce about Kem's time in Casa Amor (and what it was like from the other side) Can anyone hear a camera rustling in the bushes? If you need Liv to solve a love or life dilemma for you - email us on themorningafter@itv.com.

At least we know the mosquitos of Majorca are gonna be eating well tonight with all those girls sleeping outside...
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