S4 E12 - It Was Huge?! (with Poppy Jay and Chuggs)

S4 E12 - It Was Huge?! (with Poppy Jay and Chuggs)


Love Island: The Morning After

Monday, 12 July

Hmmm... could anyone tell if any of the girls fancy Teddy?

Working out how this recoupling is going to go is basically like trying to solve a rubix cube blindfolded. It's basically going to be down to which boy chooses first... and one of our lovely girls will be going home :( Oh villa gods, why must you be so very crueeeeeel?!

So we had speed dates, some sexy snogs and a sweaty sleep - things are getting interesting... so Poppy Jay is here with Kem and Arielle for our morning debrief, and she does not hold back - we love to see it.

We all need a big hug this morning don't we? Well - good news, because Mr Cuddles and Hugs himself is here to chat about his time in the villa.

Tomorrow morning, we will be coupling you up in real life on our Crush Club - so if there's someone special that you have your eye on (or if you have a fit PE teacher) you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com. Also, make sure you keep tweeting us on #LoveIslandPodcast and we could read your tweets out right here on the podcast.

Reckon after this Lib is going to get a job working for MI5 after that interrogation. Does anyone have M's number?
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