S4 E29 - No Way (with Luke Franks, Nadia Jae and Sideman)

S4 E29 - No Way (with Luke Franks, Nadia Jae and Sideman)


Love Island: The Morning After

Saturday, 31 July

That recoupling was basically an elaborate way of sorting out the villa's lost property - we've got a stuffed toy dog, a sagittarius necklace, a can of Lynx and a ring, does anyone want to claim them?

Luke Franks is back with Arielle because Kem's gone into Casa Amor (only joking) - and they are joined by queen of Love Island episode reviews, Nadia Jae!

So, we saw the end of the recoupling last night - it was all a bit dramatic but at least Liam and Millie are back togeth- OH WAIT HERE COMES LILLIE. We were NOT expecting that (and let's be honest, neither was Liam...)

Everyone's back in the villa now - all 18 of them... bring out the bunk beds. There were a lot of chats to be had after the recoupling and some of our Islanders have even taken love advice from Toby. TOBY!!! What's going on in there?! It doesn't look like the aftermath is going to be over anytime soon, because in the preview for Sunday's episode we saw Tyler and Kaz having a *very* heated chat.

We've had some serious grafting this week - so Sideman is here with the JD Graft Off to help us crown this week's top grafter. Luke's playing for Kem again so the pressure is ON - it was 2-2 last week, who's going to take the lead?

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Now can someone PLEASE put that postcard in the recycling bin?!
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