What if a dog got a Nintendo Switch? (w/ Emmy & Everett)

What If World - Stories for Kids

By Eric O'Keeffe

What if a dog got a Nintendo Switch? (w/ Emmy & Everett)

Monday, 2 August

Our young guests Emmy and Everett ask What If Questions about two of the most important topics of all: love and video games!

Lessons include: loving someone doesn’t give you permission to hug them all the time; talking out your feelings can really help (though it sometimes takes longer than a What-If story).

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What If World is made by Eric and Karen O'Keeffe. A big thanks to Miss Lynn, helper in What If World and lover of doughnuts. Our podcast art is by Jason O’Keefe and our theme song is by Craig Martinson. This episode features editing and sound design by Dessiree McFarland.

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