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Paterson Joseph - #2.4

Paterson Joseph - #2.4

By Fuzz Productions Ltd

Brilliant, lovely and splendid actor and writer Paterson Joseph is Isy's guest for a conversation that crams in first kisses, biscuits, polyamory, Peep Show, being compassionate to yourself and whether you'd choose knitting over a foursome.

If you're enjoying the new series it would be amazingly helpful if you'd use you mouth, arms, fingers or telekinesis to spread the word and let others know that this exists! Do also please investigate Isy's new book 'Jane Is Trying' - which is available from all the usual places.

Paterson can be found on Twitter at @ignatius_sancho and, as he told us, if you're curious to know any more, you can find plenty of information on the internet.


Find us on Twitter at @TTWDFL and find a range of useful links for the series at

Produced by Ben Walker for Fuzz Productions.

Theme Music by Charlie Jefferson.

Photo by Dave Bruce.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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