Sian Harries - #2.3

Sian Harries - #2.3

By Fuzz Productions Ltd

Comedy writer, performer and effervescent friend Sian Harries chats with Isy about haircuts, novelty chocolates, the art of breaking up with people, Chicken Kievs, mint green wedding dresses and exotic French exchanges.

Do please help spread the word about the new series - word of mouth is invaluable! Plus do check out Isy's new book 'Jane Is Trying' - which is available from all the usual places.

Sian can be found at @sianharries_ on Twitter and on her podcast The Froth with Rhod Gilbert (@TheFrothPodcast) which can be found in all the usual podcast places and has series 4 starting in September.


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Produced by Ben Walker for Fuzz Productions.

Theme Music by Charlie Jefferson.

Photo by Dave Bruce.

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