How to inspire entrepreneurship in your children - Jodie Cook

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How to inspire entrepreneurship in your children - Jodie Cook

Tuesday, 3 August

Zoe Chamberlain chats with guest Jodie Cook, who believes entrepreneurship stems from childhood.

From around the age of six, Jodie’s mum encouraged her to book her own doctors and dentists appointments and to pack her own suitcase when she went on holiday.

She grew up thinking this was the norm but, only upon reaching adulthood realised that actually her mum had given her the skills needed for independent thinking, something that would prove essential when she decided to launch her own business, aged just 22.

Discover how many other entrepreneurs have been inspired by their upbringing and what they do now they are parents themselves to encourage entrepreneurship in their own children.

Find out more about Jodie and how she is inspiring families in her book How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids which is available on Amazon and her website

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